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California Proposition 215
By webmonkey in Latest, Mistress Websites

OK so this is pretty rare in the world I think so I thought I’d throw it out htere for all of you to check out if you’d not been privvy to it before.

Up in the North of England, in a town called Leeds to be exact, there are 2 Mistresses of notable distinction, 2 of the finest Professional Dominatrix’ in the UK, offereing a range of Domination services from Humiliation, to strap-on, to whipping and caneing, CP, medical role play, CBT and best of all…get this, a Double-Domme, Mother & Daughter session. Continue reading “Mother & Daughter Domination : The Family Business” »

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By webmonkey in Latest has just had an enormous 2 hours 20 minutes update in the form of spanking movies Mistress movies and T.V. movies all in one go today on the 3rd Feb 2011.

If you’re tickled by this, and were to enther the site you’d find the update to be of Mistress Dometria in an ‘Evil Harsh Whipping’ scene that will make you feel the lacerations open on your back whilst watching, alongside a scene of Mistress Alexandra and Oriental Goddess Qing filling all the holes on a shared slave with strap-on cocks.

Continue reading “Serious Mistresses VIP: Update” »

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By webmonkey in Fetish Stories

Diary of A Slave
I am the full time slave of Mistress Nicola. It is on her instructions that I write this diary. It isn’t a daily task, but one which I am expected to complete when Mistress feels that something has happened which is worthy of recollection or which might amuse Mistress or her special friends whenever she requires. I began this diary nearly thirteen years ago, as a hand written record. What follows is a true copy, verified by Mistress Nicola, of some of the earliest entries, after they had been corrected by Mistress Nicola in order that references of her slave should take much less prominence, and that any remaining references should be impersonal Mistress has ordered it to type the following extracts which, she thinks, my be of interest and/or amusement to other Mistresses and Masters. I thank Mistress Nicola for being the most wonderful Mistress and dedicate its Kevin-slave to Mistress Nicola)

Today, Sunday the fifth of August Mistress Nicola celebrates the day, one year ago that she took control of the life of her slave. Continue reading “Fetish Story: Diary of A Slave” »

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By webmonkey in Mistress Websites

Mistress Keket of CheshireOK so here at FD we’re well in to the New Year and after a busy start, we’ve got some more chunks of BDSM and Professional Mistress visuals for your greedy, spank hungry eyes.

So without further ado, let me introduce Mistress Keket of Cheshire – One of the finest UK Professional Dominatrix around. We’ve just completed her new members site and its chocked full of images and movies of this hardcore Mistress doing her thing.

Additionally, a brand new BDSM Film starring Mistress Keket is to be released and available in shops from the beginning of February 2011.
So if the little teaser below doesn’t whet your appetite, then checkout her site at for the full monty.

Mistress Keket Preview :

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By webmonkey in Latest

Just a quickie to let you all know about the update on

This week we have stuffed more real-core BDSM Mistress & Domination movies on to our already wheezing server to bring you 50 fine minutes of Brighton’s most savage Dominatrix Mistress Dometria, and Northern punishment delivery expert, Lady Libertine in two scenes that will make most men wince, and most scorned women smile.

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By webmonkey in Latest, TV/TS Websites

The very talented Sophie Luvs has just sent us in an update for her brand new, and our very latest TV site

The update features 2 movies from this unstoppable TV sex puppet, the first of which is a horny-as-fuck sex scene entitled ‘Girl Boy Girl’ in which the ever horny Sophie Luvs uses her massive cock on a cute little blonde pixie girl & fucking her to kingdom come.

The second, is a tranny 3 way entitled ‘An Ass to Share’, in which we see the ever inviting Sophie Luv get her ass used by a couple of passing trannies as she is cleaning the bathroom. Spurious set-up, we know, but it does enable the story to move along quite nicely.

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By webmonkey in Latest, Mistress Websites

The indomitable and relentless Madame Caramel of London unveils 2 new galleries of brand new images in the members area of her site for all you worshippers of the Big Black Mistress. Just thought we’d let you know.

As a special almost-christmas treat – here’s 3 of them :

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By webmonkey in Latest, Mistress Websites

Mistress R’eals members section has had its monthly update this week, concluding the story of the very ‘Naughty Steven’ and of course the punishment he recieves.

An undocumented previous update before Fetish Dissemination was launched, included a huge members area update packed with hardcore Domination movies such as ‘The Ball Shocker’ – a little electric CBT offering, ‘Double Mummification’ which is one for latex lovers everywhere, ‘Wank Hospoital’ – for medical scenario freaks and of course the beginning of Naughty Steven’ s story, concluded in the latest update, from this one of the UK’s most well known Dominatrix.


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By webmonkey in Latest, TV/TS Websites

Last month our latest TV/TS site went live with the addition of the unstoppable Sophie Luv on our roster of saucy sites for you to surf.
Our UK based TV sex bunny Sophie Luv got in touch and expressed her exessive interest in splashing her fetish TV movies and images across the internet via our dissemination factory for all her adoring admirers.

Naturally we agreed and whipped up a site fit for a tyrannical TGirl and gave her what she wanted.

As it happens, it also turns out that that’s what you wanted too, as an influx of TV luvin’ surfers have flooded the site looking for more than they can handle. If they like it that much, then we thought you might like it too. Check it out here –

Let us know via the comments section below and tell us what you want more of.
Remember, it needs to be all killer, no filler, and we need you for that.

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Mistress Emerald Interview

November 19, 2010
By webmonkey in Mistress Interviews

Our very own Mistress Alex Interviews Mistress Emerald for Tied ‘n’ Teased :

Q – Is there a reason that you choose the name Mistress Emerald ?
A- Emerald seemed to be the obvious choice of a professional name for me as it is actually one of my middle names. When I was born I had black hair and green eyes and my Irish grandfather noted that I was “a little touch of the old country” meaning Ireland of course. I was also born in May and my birthstone is emerald so my parents added it as a middle name to honour my grandfather’s sentiments and what seemed appropriate to my birth.

Q – I was very fortunate to meet you and it came across that your slaves adore you and that you care for them? Would you like to comment on this ?
A – I like to build up a relationship with my slaves. I am always interested in their lives and they often show an interest in mine. Continue reading “Mistress Emerald Interview” »

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